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This house is so unfinished (the back hasn’t even been built) and  I literally don’t have the patience to finish it. So I don’t know if anyone would find a good use for it. Is it a good idea to still put it up for download in the state it’s in?

June 29, 2013 with 75 notes
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  2. pixelplayground answered: Absolutely
  3. plasticfoundation answered: id really like to have it, it’s beautiful.
  4. thoseweresimblrtimes answered: It looks beautiful! Whether you put it up now, or later, it’s to amazing to just drop it!!!
  5. mourningtheuniformedcanadian answered: i love it! please put it up! or make a challenge out of it. whoever of your followers creates the best garden wins a prize or something idk
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  7. simlets answered: I love how it looks so far
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    I like it. I wouldn’t have a use for it but even as a wip it looks awesome (: .