lot builder, world creator, simmer.


Build mode is so much more faster and intelligent it’s like they’ve ironed out all of the annoyances in TS3’s and made it 10x easier!! This literally took me 30mins to make I’m crying right now

I saw gaga last night

missing y’all :’(

why are all my personal blog follows mixed up with this account DDDDD:

What would you like to see in Roaring Heights???

If you didn’t guess from my last two posts, I’m doing a Roaring Heights makeover. Turns out, 50% of the world is actually just flat nothingness:

I’m looking for ideas on what to put here. Obviously I’m not going to be filling up the whole thing, but I think it would be great to play if there were a few things here and there, scattered about the countryside. I’ve already thought about farmland and a mini “village”, but what would you guys like to see?

Just something I was doing today…

Not sure what they were discussing in this picture…

He missed the first day of his job!!! The bills weren’t going to pay themselves, so he asked Craig to move in. Obviously money wasn’t the only reason…

(Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

He asked him to stay the night. No WooHoo was involved….yet.

Gino invited them in to taste some of his leftover tomato soup and enthuse them about his new found love of cooking.