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I love these classical paintings :’) I made a whole load of them to go in my art gallery but they just don’t look right there. I might have to make another, more ornate art gallery somewhere else. Or a museum. I don’t know :/

CAWing it up today and making a bigger version of the island I mentioned here. In the end it will be filled with ancient ruins, tourist attractions and a mini resort!

I may or may not have added a few more things to Oxbay in CAW…

I ain’t got a lot to post at the moment, so here’s the back of the Art Gallery.


Lol at the first one! I don’t find you arrogant at all! You are every talented, tho.

Why, thankyou! ^___^ In all seriousness I really hope I don’t come across as arrogant. If it seems overly arrogant it’s probably sarcasm, lol.




Awww, thankyou! :) I really want to; it’ll probably end up being my Twinbrook makeover when I get the chance to finish it off.


Yeah, sorry about that. :( If it weren’t an edited world I would have shared it with you all. Hopefully I’ll upload some more lots very soon!


simchestr, I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly, just in case it helps a few people. Here’s my settings for the drop shadow.

Hope this helps! :)


solventsims replied to your post: anonymous said:What about releasi…

I love that you used a moodlet, totally stealing that idea now. :D


I literally just thought of it! Its so much better than having massive GIFs cluttering my blog!

  Anonymous said:
What about releasing the save game? I don't think that counts as stealing his work or taking credit for it, as we have to first download his original world before we can use your save.


I edited the world in CAW, that means it’s technically a different world. That means you’d need to download my version of the world for the save file to work, but I’m not going to upload my version cos that is just a really shitty thing to do. Sorry.

  Anonymous said:
please please please please please please please can you tell me which world and where about in that world that you placed the /post/91955898713/seasurf-abode-for-oxbay-this-1-bedroom-1 house? it just looks so amazing and I need to know! thank you :)

"please please please please please please please can you tell me which world and where about in that world that you placed the /post/91955898713/seasurf-abode-for-OXBAY-this-1-bedroom-1 house? it just looks so amazing and I need to know! thank you :)”



"This 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom beachside home is the perfect seaside getaway for a single sim or couple starting off. The backyard also features a vegetable allotment for your green-thumb sims and space for future expansion."

Lot Information

  • Size: 20x20
  • Furnishing: Partly Furnished
  • Floorplan: x

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, SHT, SEA, SN, UL
  • SPs: FL (only for the car)
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • CC: Included

Terms of Use

DOWNLOAD | .package

Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.

I have another lot waiting in my drafts…should I post it?


Friend-date at the gym (by onepracticalghost).


  Anonymous said:
are the ppl that you made in the sims 4 demo in the community part because I really like the boy sim with the blue eyes and the freckles

They are now! Check the #onepracticalghost hashtag.

  • 1. moveobjects on I use literally 24/7, ESPECIALLY for placing rocks and plants. constrainfloorelevation false helps me do cool things like this arch (#sneakpeek) and is also good for pesky foundations which won’t go down. placefriezes on lets me make more interesting roofs; it’s like adding a thick foundation to the top of the building (and you can stack them!). testingcheatsenabled true then buydebug adds a new category to buy mode which unlocks all the cool objects (like harvestables, spawners and loads of big/debug objects).
  • 2, 3, 4. Believe me, I would love to share Oxbay with you all but it’s really Jonnywr’s creation. I just added a few things. I would contact him but he says he will “be away for a wee while” so I doubt I would get a reply. The only thing he says isFeel free to reorganize and fiddle about as you see fit.” which I have done, but he says nothing about sharing. I will of course be sharing the lots, though.
  • 5. I don’t feel comfortable with doing that, sorry. :(
  • 6. They are pretty funny (like me) tbh.


Seasurf Abode at Seagull Drive